The USB device craze is never-ending - This Anion based Humidifier

connects to your PC or laptop to humidify and to clean air. While clean moist air is good for you it may be killing your electronics. But I really dig the smart canned presentation of this device, lest an unsuspecting colleague tries to drink from it. Great for those stuck in desert-climate cubicles. Priced at Only $24.99.

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Play Like an Olympian With These 10 Gadgets

Smoking and meaningless 2008 Olympic Games, but 10 Gadgets will Help You Play Like an Olympian, select one to fit your style.

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Cool Wind-Up Car Lamp Lights your Green way

Wow! This fanciful Wind-Up Car Lamp is a concept design but it actually serves a clever and useful purpose in addition to looking cool. I would be a cool decoration and plenty enough to act as a green lamp considering alternative lighting solutions are all the rage right now. And you have no need to worry about changing bulb either, as it uses LEDs. So, just catch the wind and light your own exclusive Camps. BTW, Is this the future of lighting? That, of course, depends on its cost and green lifespan.

Priced at only $4.99

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Newest and Stylish IPhone 3G Cases

So much thinger follows Iphone 3G nowdays. Does your phone seem to go smashing into the most damaging situations possible? If so, I highly recommend you to consider these cute and stylish IPhone 3G Cases. Such beautiful cases’ extra-rubbery corners and slightly thicker build make them the perfect cases to absorb those extra mishaps and provide greater overall protection for your iPhone 3G. Various materials and colors make your iPhone more colorful and absorbing in different time and place, with about $3 to be the shining star.

I've stumbled this blog recently, it's the most beautiful and elaborate one focuses on Cool iPhone cases i've seen online. Wonderful room!


Adorable Muic Lark Pencil Holder

We've got the perfect office accessory for anyone who, to put it lightly, considers him or herself "more of a beneficent person"(feeding the birdie together with her Mom). The hilarious and Musical Lark Pencil Holder not only looks stylish on your desk, but it also does a pro job of holding your pencil-- which it does with its bum.. Natural colors and a strikingly original design make this gadget a must-have at the office and/or at home.

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Funny Tiny Tim Skeleton Grinder

Tiny Tim may be small but he's very cool. The perfect present for big or little boy who has a budding interest in anatomy. He's not the best quality of plastic but fortunately $21.99 makes it be the most worthy skeleton. Make sure you check all the moving parts to be sure he's in working order then enjoy such funny toys to grind out the famous and funny song "money,money,money...I can do anything for you".

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Bird's Nest Ashtray

Nothing says Olympics more than a smoke.

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Dinosaur Egg Shaped Speaker Wireless MP3 Player

Wow!! I hadn’t seen a design that really caught my eye in a while, when I stumbled onto this stylish Dinosaur Egg beauty. Its wireless remote control makes operation at your pleasure, and brings you the colourful LED light and digital recording.With the top--standard magnetic audio mini speakers and super-high capacity batteries, you can protect your baby’s hearing, and keep this beautiful moments in your life.

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Novelty Bird's Nest Audio Speakers for 2008 Olympic Summer

Aha, This time I want to post a special electronic gadget during in front of this 2008 Summer Olympics. It's a "Novelty Bird's Nest" , and it is not that one as a National stadium finished for the Olympic Green in Beijing which has so far been completed as of March 2008 and will host the main track and field competitions for the 2008 Summer Olympics, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. It's a
speaker brings you dulcet music and memorize the Olympics history through it's shining mien.

Priced at Only $14.99.

en, just do somethinger during this Special Summer.

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