Funny Laser Red Spider-Man Flashing Light Toy

It is a colorful flash light spinner toy covered with spider-Man face. Only with a press on the top pushbutton, It'll rotate fleetly and steadily on the flat ground and the laser will measure a circle as it's territory in Multiple background song. Only $4.99 but brings much novelty. Oh, my pathetic Spider-Man!

Source it from Sourceingmap


Clam Shell 7 Color Wall Rainbow Projector

Shaped as a Shell which can be projected across the walls, but it will brighten up any room instantly with the magic and ingenious Rainbow! Perfect to cheer you up on a dull dreary day, and with its 3 different pattern modes, it is also great as a nightlight powered by 3AA batteries.

Priced at Only $29.99

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Ideal malleable Joints Grip Tripod for Digital Camera

Unlike traditional tripods, the gorillapod doesn't require an flat surface, Such Gorillapod is malleable - each of the three legs bends, twists and grips - allowing you to attach your camera to almost to just about anything - anywhere and everywhere and grab a picture from an interesting angle when a steady hand is not sufficient to stop an image from blurring. This $16.99 Grip Tripod would give all your photo opportunities and memories a boost.


Mechanical Auto Flip Desk Alarm Gear Clock

The Plastic and steel Mechanical Flip Clock has rid itself of those boring plain-Jane digits and updated them into a hip post-modern typeface for starters. Then, by freeing the clock from its box, and exposing its inner-workings, the clock makes a truly dramatic statement with it's red pointer. Only costs $62.99 and you can have one totally excellent savage clock for your desk.

Got this inspitation of Mechanical Flip Clock via wired


Touch Screen LCD Color Rear-view Mirror with Wireless bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

Here comes a seriously geeky upgrade for your automobile rear-view mirror. It is a touch screen handsfree speaker hooked up to your mobile via a Bluetooth connection. What's more, its 7-inch LCD display can bring up a GPS map for you or even feed from your video input. The greatest convenience is still in being able to answer the phone by touching the rear-view mirror. Not cheap, at $198.99, for a rear-view mirror.

Get inspiration of this Rear-view Mirror from redferret



Universal Hi-Fi iPod Speaker Dock

It's a elegant Universal Hi-Fi iPod Speaker Dock(Support all iPod) comes with a wireless remote and also features built-in controls to adjust volume, play/pause, rewind and fast forward. You can also adjust bass and treble. A headphone jack allows users to listen without blasting the speakers; an auxiliary input accepts audio from devices equipped with a 3.5mm jack. And 4AA battery(not included) or 9V/1500mAh DC charger is option. This perfect portable travel gadget can be picked up for $59.99.

Pick this ipod speaker dock via gizmodo


Classic Fast 1800mAh Solar Powered Charger for SONY PSP PSP2000

This time it's a solar charger for the PSP PSP2000! Tree-hugging video game junkies of the world, rejoice. It is sold for $37.99 including a lithium battery pack(1800 mAh). Fine product, fine price, I'd say.

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Unique Yellow Lizard Ball-Point

This Awesome Yellow Lizard Ball-Point novelty designed Lizard Ball Pen with detachable tail pen cover and a strong replaceable inner spine filled by black ink. You can also twist 'em, turn 'em, give 'em a wiggly workout with it's durable and flexible rubber materials cuticle. It must be a surprised and stylish decoration and gift idea! And the $1.99 price even bit my appetite again.

Priced at Only $1.99

Lizard Ball-Point Via Gearfuse


Unique Dancing Flashing T-shirt

It looks like the common or garden variety beloved of rock musicians and advertising types, until the equaliser modification is enabled. A sonic activation device connected to an electro luminescence panel is what really does the business. Plug-in the battery from its discreet pocket, then rock on out to the latest chart-topping sounds of the hit parade, or the hushed tweet of birdsong in the garden. And your t-shirt will almost be visible from space.
With a bold set of dynamic yellow and red colour bars that change as your environment changes, it's bound to make a splash in the nearest discotheque, or wherever your dancing shoes might take you, daddy-o. Suddenly you're a one-man illumination, redolent of Saturday Night Fever, without the frilly shirt and flares. It's a conversational opener with the ladies, too - and beats the pants off that old Homer Simpson t-shirt you keep wearing. Just be sure to disconnect the battery before washing...

Source: uberreview


Portable USB Mouse+ Hub +Microphone+ Earphone +RJ45 Networking Cable all-in-one Kit Bag

Wanna to keep your multiple electrical accessories in compact size and put them in canty order? As convenient as this $14.99 package, provides you a black portable nylon bag includes one piece of retractable RJ45 networking calbe, one piece of Retractable mini 5 pin USB cable, one piece of Retractable USB male to female cable, one piece of Retractable 3.5mm Microphone Earphone Cable, one 4-port USB hub device and a mini USB optical mouse. Obviously, it's a god-given stow for gadgets lovers.

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Novelty Ugly Duckling to Swan Growing Expanding Water Animals Pet Toy

This $3.99 Ugly swimming Duckling will dreamfully grow to be a beauteous Swan when left to frolic in water for 72 hours. Fairy tale become true! What a fun way for students, children, adults, or any individual Growing Duckling!



Goofy Smile Face Relaxable Balls- Optic Colors

Goofy Smile Face Relaxable vibrant color Balls. Smiles occur when these foam balls get squeezed! I ordered these for my wife to relieve stress and relax throughout the day and she seems to like them well enough. The ones who really have fallen in love with the $5.99 items are my two kids. It is all we can do to free them from the 4 year old or 6 year old so my wife can use them. Good deal overall in my view and I may have to order a few more.

The items themselves are perhaps of slightly lesser squishiness then I had hoped for. They are like a stiff sponge of sorts. The color is vibrant. For my hand I found them a bit small to really get into but everyone else seems to love them. Good deal overall in my view.

Excellent small gift item for any occasion. Great for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

Lovely Squeeze Toss Foam Golf Stress Balls 4 Smile Face Toys for swimming or indoor play! This Foam Stress Balls are flexible and squeezable, excellent therapy stroke patients as well as for other problems. Great for squeezing during blood draws, dental procedures, allergy testing, waiting for appointments, etc.

Goofy Smile Face Relaxable Balls. Smiles occur when these foam balls get squeezed! They are a fun stress reliever and a wonderful office toy to give to your co-workers! Place 'em in party treat bags or use them for prizes with kid games!



Home Gadgetsth Remote Control

New perfect design of this portable DVD player with 3.5" TFT screen that can play audio video Mp4 Mp3 directly without a TV monitor, just only need to insert your CD or SD/MMC card or USB storage device in it. And also you can connect it with TV monitor for large view.

This Round Portable DVD Player is a great example of the old chestnut that form should follow function. And what better function is there that a plastic disk spinning inside a round shaped player. It’s a jolly good job that the LCD screen on the front doesn’t also spin, though, isn’t it? Anyway, moving swiftly along we learn that it plays MP3 tunes (oooh) can accept SD cards or USB drives (aaah) and has an output socket to plug it into your big screen TV (applause). Hmm…we find all of this information strangely captivating, hope you’re having fun at home too. $109.99.

Package contents:

* 1 x DVD player
* 1 x Remote control
* 1 x AV cable
* 1 x AC/Power adaper
* 1 x Earphone
* 1 x Stand leg

Via redferret


Mini Flip Flap Flowerpot

Did you really forget to water that tender little sapling for more than a month until it shrivelled up and withered away? These funky solar powered plants won't die of neglect even if you go away on sabbatical for months and leave them completely unsupervised. They're happy to flip flap, gently back and forth, with no assistance or interference from anyone and at last, a rose flower will bloom. Girls will like such $11.99 magic flowerpot even more!

These funky solar powered plants won't die of neglect even if you go away on sabbatical for six months and leave them completely unsupervised. They're happy to flip flap, gently back and forth, with no assistance or interference from anyone. They won't drop leaves all over your carpet in the autumn, they won't fade to a funny shade in the winter and if you turn them off, they won't complain and refuse to start flapping again when you flick the switch back to 'on'. All in all they're very independent and robust little houseplants that want nothing more than a small space to call their own. In return they'll provide you with that Zen like quality that a house without plants is sorely lacking. Neat!

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Infrared Touchless Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser allows touchless dispensing of soap. Just move your hand under the sprout and it will automatically dispense preset amount of liquid soap or sanitizer into a cup/container (, FIG. ). without user or cup/container touching any part of the machine. This technology not only provides convenience, more importantly it maintains good hygiene for your family and office. Never again have to touch a dispenser with dirty hands. With this $22.99 unit you can effectively prevent bacteria accumulation on soap dispenser and no more transfer of bacteria to others.

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Multifunction Red Laser Pointer +Ballpoint Pen+ LED Light + UV Money Detector + Stylus Pen

5 in 1 Gadget Pen allows you to write conveniently in the dark. It also has a stylus for you to use on PDAs, mobile phones or even to play NDS. It also consists of red laser pointer and bank note checker, too. It is undoubtedly a multi-function pen. I t Will be a great present to receive or send to friends with it's accessary metal gift box! As delicious as the design, the price of $4.99 plus $5 shipping is a tad hard to gulp.

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Get security master code for nokia here

All the users who have forgotten their Security/Lock Codes need not to worry. You just need to know your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

To check your IMEI number, type *#06# on the main screen. This number can also be found on the backside of the handset. Just remove the battery

You can visit a site which will calculate the Master Code of your phone. This code can be used to change your present Lock/Security code.

Note :
1. Lock/Security Code is not the PIN Code.
2. If you want to remove the Service Provider Lock, then this is the wrong thread.
3. The Master Codes are only for DCT-3 and DCT-4 phones.


How many people would choose the iPhone silicone cases?

The Apple iPhone released in June of 2007 and Apple has not only announced the iPhone itself, but they will also be releasing Apple iPhone accessories including a Bluetooth headset and wired headset. The new iPhone Bluetooth headset will work with other mobile phones in addition to the iPhone. It is expected the Apple will release additional iPhone accessories, but no word on whether they will be available at launch.

Fortunately we've met a large number of manufacturers to deliver iPhone accessories at that time. As per our iPhone knowledges, the iPhone will support most existing iPod accessories. One of the most critical iPhone accessories will be a case or screen protector. One big crystal clear screen screen with big, clear icons which means that you don't need to be an expert to use it.But This phone is not covered in buttons and menus whick made me fell creamy & worry of scratchs. And the truth is it is prone to do so.

Hundreds of iPhone cases have been released in a variety of styles and colors since the iPhone was released. Those who invest in this new exciting technology will no doubt look for a good way to protect their investment.

But which type of cases would you choose for your beautiful and honourable iPhone? Silicone, leather, plastic or a metal one? That's the problem such fans always met with.

It has been predicted that the majoirty of iPhone users will choose a iphone silicone case(it would be bette with a screen protector) to protect it... it is the next generation of technology cases and accessories. The iPhone silicone case and iphone screen protector is an excellent choice for protecting and displaying your cool new iPhone. See the advantages and why a silicone case is the best fit your iPhone.

I've read some of the material about cases for iPhone and done some research and I was surprised to find out that silicone cases may actually come with a few more advantages than some of the other choices out there.

When compared to other covers or cases, skin silicone cases feel softer to the touch and reduces surface dust, while the anti-slip properties gives your device more grip on surfaces.

Silicone ("skin") is the newest fashion and stylish covering iPhones, iPods, mp3s, and other phones and devices. iPhone silicone cases are designed as a form-fitting skin that provides protection by preventing scratches, chips and finger prints from accumulating on the phone. These beauties come in a variety of colors, from professional to sassy. Everything from black, clear pink and blue...

So the coolest thing to happen to the fabulous iPhone has just gotten cooler. The iPhone Silicone Case is sleek, durable and so nice to hold.

But the choice, as always, comes down to style and personal preference. BTW, after read my review, which one would you choose?


8X Zoom Multifunctional Mobile Phone Camera Lens Telescope

This adaptive 8X multifunctional Camera Lens Telescope is designed to work on any mobile phone or digital camera. It does seem to zoom in a crapload (see photo after jump). It promises to make a portable video camera out of your phone. The improved compatibility is handy. Telescope is ideal for viewing sporting events, for trips, hunting bird watching, hiking, on board ship or at the concert or theater, long focal lens can achieving long distance shooting. Such fancy clairvoyance priced at $16.99, unbelievable!

Telescope Via thinktechno


Pocket Personal Air Cooler Fan in Red Soda Bottle

Fancy shaped like a bottle of Coca Cola With cover to protect the wind blades. Pocket size that you can easily go in your pocket or bag, or you can hang it around your neck. The smooth harmless plastic blades make it safe and easy to use, just unveilling the cap. A summer breeze, and this is what you get with such cooler mini fan. Just drink your funny cool with this Special and useful $2.99 travel gadget.


Unique Beer Can Telephone

What a unique design like a bottle of Budweiser beer can painted in red with pattern which is an perfect decoration in your bedroom home, office desk or anywhere as you like. It will be a surprised and funny present to your friends. LOL, just cheer ...

Care for a beer? Too bad it’s just a phone then. This Budweiser beer can phone can be yours for $11.99 and works just like an ordinary phone. A bit too tacky for my taste though…

beer can phone Via engadget Via crunchgear


Grass Green All In 1 Card Reader Writer + 3Port USB 2.0 Hub

You can use this portable USB card reader to transfer data (pictures, ringtones, videos, documents etc.) from your digital memory card to your laptop or PC. The card reader has four openings containing slots for all the digital memory cards listed. Read high speed over 4.3Mbps, Write high speed over 1.3 Mbps. Some cards have to be inverted to fit the slot..


Mini Travel USB Cup Can Beverage Cooler Warmer Refrigeratory

Such grey Travel USB Cup Can Beverage Warmer Cooler Mini refrigerator can bring you idea hot drink in cold winter, iced drink in hot summer through adopting thermoelectric cooling technique. No batteries required, conveniently use USB power to work, just simply plug it into the USB slot of your computer or laptop, switch to "HEAT" or "COOL" to achieve that. And don't worry about any compressor or pollution, it works in lower consumption and keeps long life. It must be a cool and interesting thinger to play magic and enjoy life while your PC is working! Awesome mini refrigerator prices at $39.99.

Via electronic-gadgets


Novelty Fresh Hamburger USB 2GB Flash Memory Drive U Disk

Still remember the stylish Corded Hamburger Telephone that Juno used to call a women's health clinic in the film of "Juno"? Aha, This time, it happens to be this cute and novelty fresh Hamburger 2GB Flash Memory USB Disk Drive which is something i won’t say is enough! Still if you love the Ham thing, you can give the capacity a miss.! It supports USB 2.0 specification for high speed data transfer rate. Use it as an ice breaker or as a convenient reminder to your colleagues that it's time for lunch! Awesome and creative gadget! $21.99.

Hamburger USB Disk Via Pclaunches


COOL-LOOK USB Wristband with 4GB Flash Memory Black

What a beautiful and cool-looking Wristband! But i have to tell you, it's not an ordinary wristband, it's a USB Wristband with 4GB Flash Memory. This gadget has both aesthetic and practical value. The USB Wristband is made of twistable durable plastic, and with built-in memory chip to store information. There are different colors to choose from.

USB Wristband Via Geekalerts


Who Else Wants Great iPhone Trick Tips?

I can proudly state that I’m the luckiest ever owner of an iPhone. I’ve had it for quite a time already but I cannot still play to my heart’s content with this amazing gadget. Nevertheless with experience come cool tips and tricks that you learn. I’ve learned mine and now I want to share them with you.

So, Here is the list of the useful functions of iPhone:

* Tap once at the top of the display in the Internet mode and you will be immediately redirected to the top of the page you are browsing (instead of having to scroll your way to the top). This helps my save much time and finger effort.
* Set the font to the smaller size and get access to more data in the Internet window. This method has one great advantage: in case you want to click a link it will come up huge thus making it extremely easier to click.
* If you want to add a new bookmark you don’t have to enter the full address of the web-page. All you need to do is post the equivalent RSS address in the Apple’s RSS reader. Using RSS feeds you can quickly see if the site has been updated since your last visit (it is much faster than downloading the whole page and helps save traffic).
* If you write a lot using the iPhone (as I do) you can enjoy one peculiar trick I’ve found. If you write a word and it is underlined as misspelled but in fact is not, you cancel the correction 3 times and the word will be automatically added to the dictionary.
* I found a great use of the magnifying glass. When writing something you tap once and hold and the glass will pop up. With the glass on you can place the cursor wherever you want and continue editing the text.
* The icons can be dragged around (it cannot be made only on the home screen). In order to use the function go to iPod => More => Edit. Do whatever you like to the icon arrangement.
* There is an ultimate way to reset the device. In order to do that, hold the right button and the home front button for 6 seconds. To bring it back to life press the top button
* There is a feature that helps me avoid tons of email spam. I added a link to Yahoo mail in my Safari and now I can use “delete all” function to remove all the spam messages.