Toothed Mechanical Wheel Alarm Clock

Having an alarm clock of some sort in your bedroom is vital, but why settle for something that looks so ordinary when you can settle for the Toothed Mechanical Wheel Clock.
This Machine time clock is a functional timepiece that is shaped like a silver gear wheel, which shall look pretty impressive for the mechanical geeks. The clock exposes the gear wheel which makes it so interesting to watch at the slowly moving gear.
Telling time seems to be difficult on this clock. By looking at the picture attached above, it seems hard for me to figure out where the hour and minute hands are. Anyway, this clock is said to be built with torque mechanism from Japan which is highly accurate that gives a daily error of 2 seconds only. It’s claimed to be a highly reliable and accurate clock but those gears seem not to be my type.
When you’ve fallen in love with machinery you’d love to have some gadgets that expose you with various gears and nuts to sit on your work desk.

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Dreams Sound Ball Portable Speaker

The Sound Ball is a keychain-size speaker for any portable audio player such as iPods.


Spread your music through this tiny yet powerful portable speaker. Designed by Dreams, Japan, the new Sound Ball is a keychain-size speaker for any portable audio player such as iPods. Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery that allows the speaker to produce a wide sound range. Easy to strap it on to a keychain, cellphone, or a bag. Available in 3 different stylish colors, and includes an ON/Off button. Only from Japan.

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Globe Speaker System for iPod

Globe Speaker System for iPod with Clock Radio.

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Rock N Race Boom

5 sec Sound Effect Accessed Through Car Key. Top-Loading CD Player with Programmable Memory. 2-Digit LED Track Number Display. One Track/All Tracks Repeat Playback. Forward/ Reverse Skip Track and High-Speed Music Search. LED Indicators for Program and Repeat Playback Modes. AM/FM Stereo Radio with Rotary Dial Scale. LED FM Stereo Indicator.

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Sony Brings Their $114,000, 4K Projector Out From Hiding [Projectors]

Sony's 4K Projector (or Super Mega Ultra HD Projector in my terms), provides 4 times the pixels at a 4096x2160 resolution. Akihabara News says the liquid crystal on silicon projector uses SXRD technology, has a 2500:1 contrast ration, a 2 kW lamp and it produces 11,000 lumens of light. At $114,000 and 268 pounds with no media that can take full advantage of the hardware, I doubt you'd have much use for this...yet. [Akihabara via Electronista]


Canon’s G10, SX1 IS, and more get the hands-on treatment

We already caught of preview of Canon new EOS 5D Mark II 21-megapixel monster, but if you're curious about Canon's other new camera offerings, you may want to hit up Photography Blog, which has gone hands-on with each of 'em. That includes the PowerShot G10 (pictured above), the PowerShot SX1 IS / SX10 IS, the Digital IXUS 980 IS and 870 IS and, of course, the aforementioned EOS 5D Mark II, just in case you need another look at it. Unfortunately, they don't have much in the way of first impressions just yet, or any sample shots, but they do at least have a comparison between the G10 and the earlier G9 model for those considering an upgrade, and plenty of high res photos of each camera to let you examine every nook and cranny. Hit up the links below to dig in.

Read - Photography Blog, "Canon PowerShot G10"
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Da Vinci Sleep Alarm Clock Gives You 21 Hours of Awake Time [Getting Sleepy]

Many people swear by polyphasic sleep, or the idea of taking frequent naps throughout the day as opposed to sleeping in one long chunk. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most notable proponents of this seeping method, noting that it helped him be more productive throughout the day. This alarm clock concept follows da Vinci's 3.5 / .5 sleep schedule, meaning that an alarm will sound every 3 hours and 30 minutes indicating that it is time for a nap. Another alarm will sound a half hour later, indicating that it is time to wake up again.

All-in-all, the da Vinci Sleep alarm clock will net you around 3 hours of shut-eye per day (although I have heard da Vinci slept even less than that). Obviously, a schedule like this isn't for someone who maintains a regular 9 to 5 schedule, or operates heavy machinery—but it would be perfect for bloggers, retired persons and the unemployed. This particular clock is only a concept, but you could set a regular alarm fairly easily to try this sleep method yourself. [Yanko]


Pioneer to launch LCD HDTVs in North America next year

On the whole, we'd say KURO plasma owners are pretty stoked about their sets. Those who'd prefer a KURO-branded LCD, however, have been waiting anxiously to hear something more from ole Pioneer for months. Thankfully, the firm has finally spoken, and while it doesn't mention any brand / model names specifically, we can assume that those LCD HDTVs we saw emerge in Europe will be gracing US shores in mere months. During the first half of 2009, Pioneer LCD HDTVs will be loosed in North America and Asia, and unless plans change, the panels within will actually be supplied by Sharp. Might we be on the lookout for a sneak peek at CES '09?


3D Screaming skull cover turns your ps3 into a horror movie

Novelty Skull Protective Mask Cover for Sony PlayStation 3 PS3! This PS3 Protective Mask made of black glossy plastic material, slips over the top of your PS3 and It also makes your PS3 look as if there is a skull trying to escape it. Provided the sheen of the cover and the tone of black matches well, this would definitely make any PS3 look incredibly badass. PS3 Protective Cover has a screaming demon face protruding out of it, personalize your PS3.

And, Just like someone said about it: An interesting supplement to an already fascinating living room conversation piece: "Why do you have a George Foreman grill in your living room, and why is it haunted?"

Screaming skull PS3 face cover
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Portable hand-held paper shredder

Paper shredders are a usual thing in office nowadays. It does all the dirty work, shredding the unnecessary or classified papers to small pieces, better than any human can do. Maybe it remainds you the USB powered one, but don't let important documents get into the wrong hands with that mechanical assistant. Proving that sometimes the best gadgets do not need batteries(sometimes), comes this great funny hand-held shredder to handle the super sensitive documents yourself,. So just trust yourself , and you know “Movement is beneficial for healthy!” Only $17.99.

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Water-resistant Pet Mosquito Repeller

This $6.99 Water-resistant Pet Mosquito Repeller uses advanced harmonics circuitry to emit the ultra sonic high frequency to drive the annoying fleas. Wearing this "not-so-stylish" but protective collar might also attract beautiful heterosexual pets, so be careful.

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Old Mr Butt II Pen Holder

Mr. Old Butt II Pen Holder - Positively one of the most hilarious pen holders out today. Mr. Old Butt pops up his head and says one of twelve (12) funny phrases when you stick a pen in the pen hole (His butt). A perfectly sane, insane gag gift for anytime of year & it fits nicely as a funny stocking stuffer! $8.99.

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Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

You'd think this thing came off the inevitable Marc Jacobs frat line; an expertly designed $19.99 fridge magnet bottle opener (though if MJ designed it, you'd have to append a zero to the price). We're slightly concerned that it won't stand up to the pulling power required by some of those tougher imported brews, but at very least it will look incredibly attractive stuck on the fridge door next to your shopping list and your kid's report card.

Proving that sometimes the best gadgets do not need batteries(sometimes), comes this great space-saving Bottle Opener/Fridge Magnet. Made of stainless steel with non-scratch magnetic back. Now you won’t have to use your teeth when you can’t find the opener.

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