LCD Projector Alarm Clock

The two most asked questions you hear everyday: what time is it and what’s the weather like outside? Well with this projection alarm clock will answer those questions with a high-tech twist to it. It will not only be able to tell you the current time in two ways; with large red digits projected on your wall, or from the small LCD display, but it also transmits the outside temperature with the included wireless sensor. Measuring only 147mm x 90mm x 45mm that can be placed on your desk, This fancy clock is available from Sourcingmap with $6.99 USD of price-tag. And it needs 3x AAA to run.

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Mini Cool Chair Shaped Meta Holder for iPhone

The exalted chair shaped mobile Holder wants to give you a smooth and steady seat(with its stout circular foot). You can feel safe because considerate meta chair won’t scratch your phone, he just wants to give your phone a love hug because prepared antennae love your phone. Unfurl your stylish and valued iPhone with such unmatched chair. It is being sold for only $2.99.

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