USB Panic Button

The USB Panic Button (GBP 10) look just like emergency button help you change the screen. You just simple hit the button, it will clean your computer screen of suspect websites and open an annual reports or mail when the boss walks by, so he doesn't catch your mouse where it shouldn't be.

For the super slow and terminally lazy there’s even a set of spreadsheets that come with the panic button. Absolutely essential for office this gadget is sold for approximately $12.69.

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Blue Octopus USB Laptop Cooler

This is by far the most interesting looking laptop cooler I’ve seen around. Sadly it goes under your laptop, so even though it looks really good, it’s not going to be seen a whole lot. The odd shape of this USB cooler is inspired by an octopus. Although I’d say it’s incredibly debatable as to whether or not it actually looks like an octopus. It does at least draw one’s attention, all the while it keeps your laptop much more cool.

The Blue Octopus notebook cooling pad weighs just 157g and measures 189*89*18mm, making it very much portable.

Buy this one only if you like to raise eyebrows from your college-mates.It comes in three different colors including Blue, Green and Black. It is now available for $11.69.

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Say Some Thinger About The Latest iPhone 3G / 3GS Accessories

Apple announced they had sold over 1 million of the new iPhone 3GS through 21 June 2009, and Apple Sells Over 1 Million iPhone 3GS Phones. So we need a lot of iPhone 3GS cases. And it seems a shame to clog up the pages of magazine after magazine with them, when we can devote those pages to hard-hitting features, helpful how-tos, and reviews of things that are actually used with your Mac.

Still, cases are very important. Your iPhone 3G is pretty and wonderful and deserves to be protected. That’s true. I drop my iphone all the time! I'm not bragging it's just a habit. I've spent alot of money on protective iphone gear and until I came across these cool iPhone 3G Cases I found myself replacing my iphone every few months. I am completely stoked to say I still have my same habits but have not had to replace my iphone in over a year. It is still brand new looking and the awesome thing is, they comes in awesome colors so I can change whenever. I actually think I have all the colors and styles!!!! Everyone should tell everyone about these things, I cannot say enough great things about them. The guys that came up with these are awesome! Thanks Uxsight guys you rock! Still, at least the price is about right, at around $3-$6 or so.

And IMO,All cases should include a screen protector, which is described as being polycarbonate, and a simple cleaning cloth. To be honest, as mentioned above, the iPhone's screen is so tough that there's simply no need to use a screen protector, especially as it picks up smears and scratches easier than the actual iPhone 3G screen protector.

Be sure to look for iPhone screen protection that is made for your iPhone. They should be perfectly cut, making it easy to apply and offer immediate protection. Some vendors offer templates and require you to cut the plastic covering. This is less than optimal. When the iPhone is turned on, a good screen protector is hardly noticed. Some screen protectors will also offer enhanced usability due to the finish. In general, iPhone screen protectors are a good investment and easily removable should it start to get dirty. In the end, it's a small investment to protect a much larger investment, your iPhone.

And as I’m always be a traveler, so a applied iPhone charger is basic for me. And The connection to the wall-outlet should be compatible with the standard of US/Canada/South America/Japan/Korea. So, for me I’ll select the iPhone Wall Charger for miniSync serves as a convenient travel charger to take along. Its compact size and light weight minimizes on travel bulk! You can take it anywhere to create the power source that you need!

That’s all, just enjoy your iPhone life!


LCD Projector Alarm Clock

The two most asked questions you hear everyday: what time is it and what’s the weather like outside? Well with this projection alarm clock will answer those questions with a high-tech twist to it. It will not only be able to tell you the current time in two ways; with large red digits projected on your wall, or from the small LCD display, but it also transmits the outside temperature with the included wireless sensor. Measuring only 147mm x 90mm x 45mm that can be placed on your desk, This fancy clock is available from Sourcingmap with $6.99 USD of price-tag. And it needs 3x AAA to run.

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Mini Cool Chair Shaped Meta Holder for iPhone

The exalted chair shaped mobile Holder wants to give you a smooth and steady seat(with its stout circular foot). You can feel safe because considerate meta chair won’t scratch your phone, he just wants to give your phone a love hug because prepared antennae love your phone. Unfurl your stylish and valued iPhone with such unmatched chair. It is being sold for only $2.99.

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Sunjar Ⅱ

You’ve heard of sun tea in a jar. You’ve heard (if you are literate in Appalachian tradition) of moonshine in a jar. But did you know that you can now buy jars of not only of sunshine, but of sunshine disguising itself as moonshine?

It’s a perfect accessory for those of you who love the sun during the day, is the sunjar. Have it sit in the sun during the day for several hours to charge and see it radiate at night worth of after-dark illumination. All made possible by modern technology – some LED's, a solar panel and some ingenious thinking.

The Sun and Moon Jars use 2 standard AA rechargeable battery, which is replaceable and Waterproof Plastic cover make them more durable and safe than the Ⅰ. The $19.99 USD Jars can be even left outside to power up in the absence of a suitably sunny window; and I think they’d be perfect in the garden(With the nails)!

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Wired Romantic Led Candle Light

If you like romantic candlelight around you but not the wax and fire hazard that comes with it, this maybe for you. This LED candle lamp runs on 3 LR44 button cells and costs all of $4.99 !!

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