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March 28th, 2008 � HongKong:, a leading and wholly online ipod&iphone Accessories superstore, today announced their lastet products, which includes nearly 35 product groups.

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Priced in the range of $1.99 to $ 59.99, "Users may not understand why our products have such strong price competition," Professor Lu, Sales Manager of said , " The reason is that all our ipod&iphone Accessories are directly from factories in China, and these price is absolutely wholesale price!"

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Unique Frog Cigarette Lighters Green

Have you seen the Unique Green Frog Cigarette Lighters? With refillable windproof Lighter, fabulous design and proficient craft,the Frog Cigarette-Lighters are different from the traditional Lighters. Taking the Frog Cigarette-Lighters, you can get much more enjoyment and interesting out of traditional cigarette lighters. In addition to being a great Lighters to practice with, this lovely Green Frog Cigarette Lighter also makes a beautiful gift for your friends or Children!


mp3 - mp4 - digital camera - video game player

hi guy's
i have a small device that has a lot of things to keep you busy and entertained all day !!
this littel device can :
play video game's ----- all game's are loaded from the mini cd that came with it.
play music mp3 - mp4
play and RECORD'S video's
view picture's - - - and came make picture's as wall paper also !!
record voice memo's

it come's with a mini cd that has the driver's + charger ( usb ) + video cable's for the tv !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way it's size bulit in is 1 gig + it take's SD card's. so you have up to 5 gig's total !!! the max for SDcard's is 4 + deivice 1 = 5 gig's !!
yeah it's really cool
wanna c more ? go to this link


Starfish Cell Phone Strap Color Light Flash

Cute starfish cell phone strap is a good choice for cell phone accessory! Colorful flash light, gracefully shining, particularly for showing at night, Cell Phone Charm Straps. Suitable for cell phone, key chain etc. Different decoration ideas will suprise the others!

Sure, straps can be handy for those of us with overly buttery fingers, but for the rest of us they serve little purpose (unless being massively annoying is considered a purpose). It's been a while since we've posted cellphone charms, but these sushi, chocolate and ice cream screen cleaners pass the test for fantastic charms we'd actually buy. They're exactly what they sound like—soft, felty screen cleaners that hang from your cellphone, ready at a moment's notice to wipe the acne-causing facial grease from your screen. Only these are shaped like delicious foods that we really wish we were eating right now.


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unique shapes and fashion styles Cigarette Lighters

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