Exquisite Rare Rocket Refillable Cigarette Lighter Brass

Please take notice of the Exquisite Rare Rocket Cigarette Lighter and get as much enjoyment out of it. Take such unusual Cigarette-Lighter as a gift. you can take the Refillable Lighter everywhere. In addition to being a great Cigarette-Lighters to practice with, this Unique Matches Cigarette Lighters also make beautiful gift for your friends.


  • Cigarette Lighter - Brand new high quality petrol lighter, never used!
  • The novelty Refillable Lighterdesign is unique and fancy lighter!
  • Rocket Cigarette Lighter style, polished brass surface!
  • Windproof lighter with wind hood
  • This Cigarette-Lighter can be refill petrol oil lighter
  • Rocket Cigarette Lighter - Great GIFT for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding ... etc
  • Weight: 99.2g


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