mp3 - mp4 - digital camera - video game player

hi guy's
i have a small device that has a lot of things to keep you busy and entertained all day !!
this littel device can :
play video game's ----- all game's are loaded from the mini cd that came with it.
play music mp3 - mp4
play and RECORD'S video's
view picture's - - - and came make picture's as wall paper also !!
record voice memo's

it come's with a mini cd that has the driver's + charger ( usb ) + video cable's for the tv !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way it's size bulit in is 1 gig + it take's SD card's. so you have up to 5 gig's total !!! the max for SDcard's is 4 + deivice 1 = 5 gig's !!
yeah it's really cool
wanna c more ? go to this link


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