How many people would choose the iPhone silicone cases?

The Apple iPhone released in June of 2007 and Apple has not only announced the iPhone itself, but they will also be releasing Apple iPhone accessories including a Bluetooth headset and wired headset. The new iPhone Bluetooth headset will work with other mobile phones in addition to the iPhone. It is expected the Apple will release additional iPhone accessories, but no word on whether they will be available at launch.

Fortunately we've met a large number of manufacturers to deliver iPhone accessories at that time. As per our iPhone knowledges, the iPhone will support most existing iPod accessories. One of the most critical iPhone accessories will be a case or screen protector. One big crystal clear screen screen with big, clear icons which means that you don't need to be an expert to use it.But This phone is not covered in buttons and menus whick made me fell creamy & worry of scratchs. And the truth is it is prone to do so.

Hundreds of iPhone cases have been released in a variety of styles and colors since the iPhone was released. Those who invest in this new exciting technology will no doubt look for a good way to protect their investment.

But which type of cases would you choose for your beautiful and honourable iPhone? Silicone, leather, plastic or a metal one? That's the problem such fans always met with.

It has been predicted that the majoirty of iPhone users will choose a iphone silicone case(it would be bette with a screen protector) to protect it... it is the next generation of technology cases and accessories. The iPhone silicone case and iphone screen protector is an excellent choice for protecting and displaying your cool new iPhone. See the advantages and why a silicone case is the best fit your iPhone.

I've read some of the material about cases for iPhone and done some research and I was surprised to find out that silicone cases may actually come with a few more advantages than some of the other choices out there.

When compared to other covers or cases, skin silicone cases feel softer to the touch and reduces surface dust, while the anti-slip properties gives your device more grip on surfaces.

Silicone ("skin") is the newest fashion and stylish covering iPhones, iPods, mp3s, and other phones and devices. iPhone silicone cases are designed as a form-fitting skin that provides protection by preventing scratches, chips and finger prints from accumulating on the phone. These beauties come in a variety of colors, from professional to sassy. Everything from black, clear pink and blue...

So the coolest thing to happen to the fabulous iPhone has just gotten cooler. The iPhone Silicone Case is sleek, durable and so nice to hold.

But the choice, as always, comes down to style and personal preference. BTW, after read my review, which one would you choose?


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