Unique Dancing Flashing T-shirt

It looks like the common or garden variety beloved of rock musicians and advertising types, until the equaliser modification is enabled. A sonic activation device connected to an electro luminescence panel is what really does the business. Plug-in the battery from its discreet pocket, then rock on out to the latest chart-topping sounds of the hit parade, or the hushed tweet of birdsong in the garden. And your t-shirt will almost be visible from space.
With a bold set of dynamic yellow and red colour bars that change as your environment changes, it's bound to make a splash in the nearest discotheque, or wherever your dancing shoes might take you, daddy-o. Suddenly you're a one-man illumination, redolent of Saturday Night Fever, without the frilly shirt and flares. It's a conversational opener with the ladies, too - and beats the pants off that old Homer Simpson t-shirt you keep wearing. Just be sure to disconnect the battery before washing...

Source: uberreview


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