Who Else Wants Great iPhone Trick Tips?

I can proudly state that I’m the luckiest ever owner of an iPhone. I’ve had it for quite a time already but I cannot still play to my heart’s content with this amazing gadget. Nevertheless with experience come cool tips and tricks that you learn. I’ve learned mine and now I want to share them with you.

So, Here is the list of the useful functions of iPhone:

* Tap once at the top of the display in the Internet mode and you will be immediately redirected to the top of the page you are browsing (instead of having to scroll your way to the top). This helps my save much time and finger effort.
* Set the font to the smaller size and get access to more data in the Internet window. This method has one great advantage: in case you want to click a link it will come up huge thus making it extremely easier to click.
* If you want to add a new bookmark you don’t have to enter the full address of the web-page. All you need to do is post the equivalent RSS address in the Apple’s RSS reader. Using RSS feeds you can quickly see if the site has been updated since your last visit (it is much faster than downloading the whole page and helps save traffic).
* If you write a lot using the iPhone (as I do) you can enjoy one peculiar trick I’ve found. If you write a word and it is underlined as misspelled but in fact is not, you cancel the correction 3 times and the word will be automatically added to the dictionary.
* I found a great use of the magnifying glass. When writing something you tap once and hold and the glass will pop up. With the glass on you can place the cursor wherever you want and continue editing the text.
* The icons can be dragged around (it cannot be made only on the home screen). In order to use the function go to iPod => More => Edit. Do whatever you like to the icon arrangement.
* There is an ultimate way to reset the device. In order to do that, hold the right button and the home front button for 6 seconds. To bring it back to life press the top button
* There is a feature that helps me avoid tons of email spam. I added a link to Yahoo mail in my Safari and now I can use “delete all” function to remove all the spam messages.


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