3D Screaming skull cover turns your ps3 into a horror movie

Novelty Skull Protective Mask Cover for Sony PlayStation 3 PS3! This PS3 Protective Mask made of black glossy plastic material, slips over the top of your PS3 and It also makes your PS3 look as if there is a skull trying to escape it. Provided the sheen of the cover and the tone of black matches well, this would definitely make any PS3 look incredibly badass. PS3 Protective Cover has a screaming demon face protruding out of it, personalize your PS3.

And, Just like someone said about it: An interesting supplement to an already fascinating living room conversation piece: "Why do you have a George Foreman grill in your living room, and why is it haunted?"

Screaming skull PS3 face cover
[ Via gadgets.boingboing & slashgear ]


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