Toothed Mechanical Wheel Alarm Clock

Having an alarm clock of some sort in your bedroom is vital, but why settle for something that looks so ordinary when you can settle for the Toothed Mechanical Wheel Clock.
This Machine time clock is a functional timepiece that is shaped like a silver gear wheel, which shall look pretty impressive for the mechanical geeks. The clock exposes the gear wheel which makes it so interesting to watch at the slowly moving gear.
Telling time seems to be difficult on this clock. By looking at the picture attached above, it seems hard for me to figure out where the hour and minute hands are. Anyway, this clock is said to be built with torque mechanism from Japan which is highly accurate that gives a daily error of 2 seconds only. It’s claimed to be a highly reliable and accurate clock but those gears seem not to be my type.
When you’ve fallen in love with machinery you’d love to have some gadgets that expose you with various gears and nuts to sit on your work desk.

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