Sunjar Ⅱ

You’ve heard of sun tea in a jar. You’ve heard (if you are literate in Appalachian tradition) of moonshine in a jar. But did you know that you can now buy jars of not only of sunshine, but of sunshine disguising itself as moonshine?

It’s a perfect accessory for those of you who love the sun during the day, is the sunjar. Have it sit in the sun during the day for several hours to charge and see it radiate at night worth of after-dark illumination. All made possible by modern technology – some LED's, a solar panel and some ingenious thinking.

The Sun and Moon Jars use 2 standard AA rechargeable battery, which is replaceable and Waterproof Plastic cover make them more durable and safe than the Ⅰ. The $19.99 USD Jars can be even left outside to power up in the absence of a suitably sunny window; and I think they’d be perfect in the garden(With the nails)!

[ Sunjar Ⅱ Via Techchee ]


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