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New perfect design of this portable DVD player with 3.5" TFT screen that can play audio video Mp4 Mp3 directly without a TV monitor, just only need to insert your CD or SD/MMC card or USB storage device in it. And also you can connect it with TV monitor for large view.

This Round Portable DVD Player is a great example of the old chestnut that form should follow function. And what better function is there that a plastic disk spinning inside a round shaped player. It’s a jolly good job that the LCD screen on the front doesn’t also spin, though, isn’t it? Anyway, moving swiftly along we learn that it plays MP3 tunes (oooh) can accept SD cards or USB drives (aaah) and has an output socket to plug it into your big screen TV (applause). Hmm…we find all of this information strangely captivating, hope you’re having fun at home too. $109.99.

Package contents:

* 1 x DVD player
* 1 x Remote control
* 1 x AV cable
* 1 x AC/Power adaper
* 1 x Earphone
* 1 x Stand leg

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