Goofy Smile Face Relaxable Balls- Optic Colors

Goofy Smile Face Relaxable vibrant color Balls. Smiles occur when these foam balls get squeezed! I ordered these for my wife to relieve stress and relax throughout the day and she seems to like them well enough. The ones who really have fallen in love with the $5.99 items are my two kids. It is all we can do to free them from the 4 year old or 6 year old so my wife can use them. Good deal overall in my view and I may have to order a few more.

The items themselves are perhaps of slightly lesser squishiness then I had hoped for. They are like a stiff sponge of sorts. The color is vibrant. For my hand I found them a bit small to really get into but everyone else seems to love them. Good deal overall in my view.

Excellent small gift item for any occasion. Great for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

Lovely Squeeze Toss Foam Golf Stress Balls 4 Smile Face Toys for swimming or indoor play! This Foam Stress Balls are flexible and squeezable, excellent therapy stroke patients as well as for other problems. Great for squeezing during blood draws, dental procedures, allergy testing, waiting for appointments, etc.

Goofy Smile Face Relaxable Balls. Smiles occur when these foam balls get squeezed! They are a fun stress reliever and a wonderful office toy to give to your co-workers! Place 'em in party treat bags or use them for prizes with kid games!



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